15 Nov

Perception of security issues in Montenegro- with the UK Embassy in Montenegro

This action consisted of public opinion survey on national representative sample of 1000 respondents. The aim of the action was:
- To survey peoples’ perception about security in Montenegro and the way Government is dealing with security issues;
- To measure citizens’ perception about role of media and the way media is reporting about terrorism
After the survey was conducted, based on the analysis of the collected data, we realised that:
- Citizens in Montenegro don’t have any serious concerns about the possibility of terrorist attacks;
- Certain groups feel more concerned about threat of terrorism in Montenegro compared to others. Also, some groups are more permissive to terrorist acts in relation to others;
- The differences in relation to age, education level, income level, place of life, more clearly indicate the new divisions in Montenegro that manifests in very different attitudes and values;
- The dominant channel for information follows this line of new division.