Independent organization for media support (NOMEN) offers educational, skills training, and professional development programs for journalistic community in Montenegro.

NOMEN strongly believes that:

Healthy media lead to healthier communities

Professional journalists at all levels are critical for a strong media community

Strategic collaborations help media achieve more and better serve the citizens

Independent organization for media support (NOMEN) is a provider of resources and services to journalists and non profits interested in communication that want to:

Have positive impact on the communities they serve

Strengthen their knowledge

NOMEN also works with non profit with the aim to enhance non profit presence in the media.

NOMEN works closely with non profits in elevating organization’s brand through teaching the tips of the trade:

  •  - Creating a compelling story
  •  - Pitching and building relationships with reporters
  •  - Demonstrating thought leadership
  •  - Training spokespeople for media interactions
  •  - Hosting events and joining panel discussions